For many reasons, kitchen could be the favorite place for many housewives, especially if they are interested in cooking and trying new recipes. Many though tend to get bored with the quality of food they are cooking or the type of food. Of course we all agree that having the same type of food or something similar a lot could have a lot of effects. It is important to supply your body with different elements and different kinds of food.

Besides that food is not only something that you have to shut your hunger down, it is not only suppressing it by throwing food into your tummy. It is also about feeling fully satisfied and having the joy and delight of food. I’m not encouraging you to eat all the time and gain a lot weight, I’m just trying to make you explore new ways of looking at food new ways of accepting it and enjoying it.

I have found my food pleasure in so many different kinds of food. I travelled the world through my kitchen by experimenting and trying different food, foreign food. I have tried so many different kinds of other countries food and found my pleasure in only a few. Egyptian food was one of the most foods I found pleasure in both, making and having. When I started looking for Egyptian recipes, I found a huge variety to choose from. Each Egyptian recipe I try is better than the one before. Try Egyptian food recipes and I promise you will never regret it.