Do you know how much junk food you are eating every single day? And do you understand that it is really junk?

It is not only bad for our physical well being. It is also unhealthy food for our overall well being or its contrary. In fact, many of the foods you intake every single day, contribute to your not well being. It may contribute to your various difficulties at a physical and at a mental level, not to mention your psychic level. It has been renowned now for some decades that the human being consists of various parts which are intimately connected. They cannot be seen as singular aspects without any interconnection. That is why it is so important to eat well and to control all our intakes.

All parts of the human being need fuel in order to function well. Good fuel is not junk Good fuel is not necessarily organic food either but it is natural food. Natural food means food stuff that has not been manipulated. Food that can be consumed either in its raw form or, if prepared and cooked, prepared and cooked in a simple way. Without the addition of too much oil and/or flour nor of too much sugar, especially the white one.

It means that our food should not be deep fried. Among the deep fried junk food we find especially french fries. These are mostly prepared with low quality oils. And often with exhausted oils, that is with oils that have been used many times to deep fry whatever came their way.

If you prepare your meals at home, you can eat french fries once in a while because you know that using fresh quality oil, it is ok.

Another often encountered junk food are hamburgers. Again, they are deep fried. The meat quality is often very bad.

Just a word about the components of these types of food. If taken separately, the ingredients of junk food may even be normal food. It is the way of their preparation which often creates bad food. If you cooked your potatoes in a steamer or had them transform in hash browns, they certainly would not be junk food but highly valuable food. The same can be said of hamburgers. If you cook the separate parts of the hamburger mixture, separating the meats and cook them as short fried meat to eat together with vegetables or pasta and renouncing any ketch up, but maybe just adding a fresh tomato, you can enjoy a satiable healthy meal.